What are your rates, and what is included with my rental?

Rates vary depending on the type of event and the day and hours requested. Please click here for more info.

How many people can Memorial House accommodate?

For the comfort and safety of your guests, we ask that you do not exceed 300 people. We can accommodate up to 150 people in the main hall for a sit-down dinner, and depending on your desired set up, additional dining space may be available in the garden room, patio or the south lawn.

How do I secure a date?

Reservations require a signed contract and a non-refundable deposit of $500 that will be applied to the total rental fee. The remaining balance is due 45 days prior to your event.

When do we finalize the details of my event?

We will set up an appointment to review all of the details of your event approximately 45 days prior.

Who can cater my event?

We have a preferred list of caterers from which you can choose. Please refer to this page. If you are interested in using a caterer that is not on our list, we may be able to accommodate this for an additional fee ($300), subject to approval. Please ask your Memorial House representative for more information. For safety reasons, all food served at Memorial House must be provided by a licensed caterer. Wedding cakes may be arranged through the bakery of your choice.

Can I serve alcohol at my event?

Alcohol is allowed at Memorial House. Bar service must be arranged through our preferred caterers or an approved bartending service to ensure that bartenders are certified, licensed, and insured. All alcohol service and consumption must comply with Utah state liquor laws. Cash bars are not allowed, and all alcohol must stay in the Memorial House premises.

What about parking?

Parking for Memorial House guests is available on the street within Memory Grove Park, accommodating about 140 cars. As part of your rental fee, we include a staff person at the entrance gate during the peak times your guests are arriving to allow entrance into the park.

What time does our event need to end?

Events must end by 10:00 pm to ensure that everyone, including catering and other hired staff, can exit the park by its public closing time, 11:00 pm.

How can I decorate the building?

You are welcome to decorate as you wish; however, Memorial House is a historic building, so tacking, taping, nailing, and tying to any surfaces is not allowed. Candles are not permitted at Memorial House. Sparklers and other forms of fireworks are not allowed, per park rules. Items that are difficult to clean up such as confetti, rice, flower petals, streamers, and balloon releases are not permitted. Bubbles can be a good alternative.

Still have a question?

Check out the other pages on our site, or call (801) 521-7969.